Bentonite and its uses

The Bentonite range of products produced by JNJ Resources Company is a quality sodium bentonite comparable to the best of the known deposits in Australia.

Bentonite is a generic name given to a family of naturally occurring colloidal aluminium silicate clays, which invariably contain a substantial proportion of montmorillonites. These montmorillonites are a wide range of chemicals based on aluminium silicate with other metals, notably magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium in combination as silicates, in a wide range of proportions.

Most bentonitic clays contain a proportion of sodium, calcium and magnesium simultaneously with minor percentages of other metals as ion exchange elements, but it is the relative proportion of these main exchange ions which is a major factor in determining the physical properties of the clay. Sodium montmorillonite is characterised by having a high ion exchange capacity, high moisture retention properties, and on dispersion in water, an extremely high surface area.

Bentonite is used for: