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JNJ Bent Blend Soil Conditioner 975

JNJ Bent Blend Soil Conditioner 975

Suitable for Agriculture, Gardens, Lawns, Pasture Improvement & Civil Works


BENT BLEND SOIL CONDITIONER - For Pasture Improvements


Bent Blend 975 is designed to deliver a balanced calcium and zinc micronutrient supplement.  The recommended application is for balancing pH to neutralise acidity and increase micronutrient availablility in acidic soils, composts or mulches.


Lime, Gypsum, Bentonite and Rock Minerals


Use this product to adjust pH and micronutrient availability in soils, mulches, composts and soil conditioners with its balanced delivery of lime, gypsum and trace elements.  In organic blends in particular, the lime balances their acidity, while the gypsum aids in their dispersibility and more efficient delivery of the zinc and other micronutrients.

This product will combat the advers effects of soilo sodicity and reduces the soil dispersion index by cementing clay particles to the stable aggregates.

The added gypsum simultaneously allows the micronutrients to be readily available in the soil by controlling its surface activity.


Rates can vary depending on the soil type and a once a year program for fertilising will greatly improve pasture development.  Usage of as little as 200kg per hectare but can be increased to at least 1kg per square metre without doing any harm.


Not classified as Dangerous Goods according to the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail.

Statement of Hazardous Nature
Risk PhrasesR38Irritating to
 R41Risk of serious damage to eyes
Safety PhrasesS22Do not breathe dust
 S25In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice


If insufficient ventiliation, wear suitable respiratory equipment.

 S24 / 25Avoid contact with skin and eyes
 S37 / 39Wear suitable glove and eye / face protection.
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